How to Read a Monitor for Contractions

How to Read a Monitor for Contractions: A Guide for Copy Editors Experienced in SEO

As a professional, you know that using contractions in your writing can help make your content more conversational and engaging for your readers. However, it can be easy to miss or overlook contractions while editing on a computer monitor. Here are some tips on how to read a monitor for contractions and ensure your writing is both professional and personable.

1. Zoom in

One of the easiest ways to read your text for contractions is to zoom in on your monitor. This allows you to see the words more clearly and catch any contractions that may blend in with their non-contracted counterparts. Most monitors allow you to zoom in by pressing the Ctrl and + keys or using the zoom feature in your web browser.

2. Use the find function

If you`re editing a large document and want to quickly locate all instances of contractions, use the find function in your text editor. Simply press Ctrl + F (or Command + F for Mac users) and search for common contractions such as “can`t,” “it`s,” or “you`re.” This will highlight all instances of the contraction, making it easy to spot and correct any errors.

3. Say it out loud

Another way to catch contractions is to read your text out loud. This technique can help you hear the natural flow of your writing and pick up on any awkward phrasing or missing contractions. As you read, pay close attention to the words you naturally contract in speech, such as “don`t,” “doesn`t,” and “wouldn`t.”

4. Use a grammar checker

If you`re still unsure if you`re using contractions correctly, consider using a grammar checker tool. Many online grammar checkers, such as Grammarly, can highlight any instances of contractions and suggest alternatives if appropriate. While these tools may not catch every instance of a contraction, they can help you spot any errors you may have missed.

By following these tips, you can read your monitor for contractions and ensure your writing is both professional and engaging. Remember, using contractions can help make your writing more approachable for your readers, but be sure to use them appropriately and sparingly. Happy editing!